“ ..the first effect of existentialism places the entire responsibility of a man’s existence squarely upon his own shoulders…from the moment that he is thrown into this world he is responsible for everything he does…a man commits himself, draws his own portrait and there is nothing but that portrait. ”

—    French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre

Going to the dog park. 👋

Sitting at my favorite spot again. 🌿🌿 (at Agriculture Building, College of the Desert)

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Daily tarot cards for continued inspiration, relaxation and reminder that everything will be ok.

“ It’s pouring outside! ”


Phucket Thai in Huntington Beach.

Ain’t it fun living in the real world;;
Ain’t it fun being all alone.

Lecture Notes.

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First cup of the day, then getting ready for work. Just thought I’d leave this here for you :) have a wonderful day, lioness.


I hope you had an amazing day at work my dear!

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"Overgrowth" a collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina. 


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A fish on my side
Yet to the pond I seek
A need for secrecy and sly
From someone fond of me.

I dont’ need you.

I don’t need you standing over me, macho-like when you’re frustrated with me. You don’t need to raise your voice above mine, just because mine is small. I can yell. I can have a loud voice and make myself seem superior to you. I am a woman but I’m tough. 

I don’t need you. I don’t need this house or this furniture or you as a roommate. I don’t need to speed up my life jus to accomodate the luxuries you’d like to have in yours. Go to school, maintain an independent lifestyle and keep working, that’s all I need to do. 

Fuck this house. Fuck that backyard. Fuck the kitchen and the tile floors and the extra bedroom. I’m 22, I don’t need you. 

The frustration directed towards me for what isn’t my fault pushes me to an edge, an edge where I don’t need you and I don’t want you. I refuse to fill my life with anger and animosity. I don’t have enough time to think about your asshole moments. 

I don’t have enough balls to stand up to you, your broad shoulders and deep voice. I don’t have enough balls to continue such a rediculous argument or stupid situation. I could. I could have an attitude, yell back and make things worse. 

You make them worse to begin with.